Why learn spanish in Ribadesella

495 million people and 21 Spanish speaking countries

Although we are a small town, we are a very popular tourist destination so visitors are welcomed with warm hospitality and friendliness making this your perfect opportunity to do a Spanish immersion. Everybody is relaxed and patient, they give you all the time and explanations in Spanish.

There are 495 million people in the world who speak Spanish. It is expected this will double in the next 20 years.

You can visit 21 Spanish speaking countries but understand Spanish is not only necessary for travelling. It is also increases your career and business opportunities.

In the United States alone it is expected that Spanish speakers will grow to 60% of the population, the repercussion of this is a greater demand in mass media(TV, radio, internet ,press) and consumerism.

The Latin American countries have had a strong economic growth during the last few years with GDP increase of 2012.

Another important reason to learn Spanish is to enjoy the culture in its own language. For example some of the classic of Literature: Cervantes ,Quevedo and Novels: Garcia Marquez. Some of the famous architects like Gaudi or Calatrava. Famous chefs like Adriá or Arzak, painters Picasso ,MIró , Dali. Not forgetting world personalities from football to tennis.

In our opinion the most important thing is learning about a completely new and different culture. The enthusiasm, vitality and joy of life of the Spanish is contagious .Grammar is important but the only real way to learn Spanish is living here.